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Saturday, Dec 03, 2022

Shocking video has emerged of a junk lorry reversing at speed and ramming into a police patrol car on a busy London street

The lorry was filmed reversing at speed towards a police car in Stockwell, South London. Police tried to reverse away as they truck sped backwards and rammed into them. Stunned onlookers were just feet away from the crash outside a church. A witness later claimed the officers escaped the wreck unharmed.
A loud smash and shouts of "woah" are heard in the footage as the vehicles violently collide.

The lorry driver then tears away, leaving the cop car a crumpled wreck outside St Andrew's church in Stockwell, South London.

The video, posted online on Easter Sunday, was captioned: "Good morning Brixton."

The drama unfolded in front of a woman and two kids who were just feet away from the crash.

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